About Us

We are gardeners attempting to reconcile the divide that exists between humans and our natural environment through the creation of natural garden spaces. This is an incremental process yet a profound one. We strive to co-create with space - with plants - with the spirit of the land.

We are not tied to garden dogma; rather we observe reality and react appropriately. The prevailing paradigm of landscaping has been ‘the essence is control’. Control over nature and control over time as many landscapes are designed to be static and unchanging. Our goal is to create a garden as a living system. A system that works within its geologic biome and requires minimal outside input for its ongoing sustenance. The results are beautiful, vibrant, interesting and lower maintenance gardens that have a relationship to the place in which they are situated. The garden becomes alive.  

We take inspiration from the ‘New Perennialist’ movement popularized by the Dutch designer Piet Oudolf, creator of the High Line in New York  and the Lurie Garden in Chicago.  Plant communities are formed which support each other and are interesting year round.  

In order to learn more about our approach, we recommend reading Wild-ish at Heart, an article by Canadian Garden Designer Tony Spencer here

Words we garden by...

A garden isn’t a landscape painting that you look at but a dynamic process that’s always changing.
— Piet Oudolf
Earth is exquisitely configured to accommodate life abundantly. We have consistently compromised, however, every vital component of its intricate fabric. This trend must be reversed and a lasting
balance restored.
— Michael Ben-Eli
The aesthetic of the New Perennial garden is rooted in plant selection with an eye to both ecology and design. The visual emphasis is on structure and form rather than colour, because structure can persist over the entire growing season, while flower colour
comes and goes.
— Tony Spencer